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Wed, Apr 26 2017 - 02:26 AM

Impact Of Civil War On Students

Education is an integral part of a person’s life which is imperative for one’s mental and emotional development. Getting an education in a healthy, safe and secure environment is quite essential if you are expecting any productive outcome. Wars or civil wars are not conducive environments for anything; and for education, it is totally disastrous. The uncertainty of the outcome, violent surroundings, and unsafe environment doesn’t allow students to concentrate on their studies.  Here, we are going to discuss the impact of civil wars on the wellbeing of students and their education.

1.      Kids are denied the right to get educated

Kids raised in the conflict zones generally are denied education. Violence and fighting between rival groups make it impossible for the children to leave their houses for schools. These wars consume public property and buildings like schools, which are more prone to such attacks. This makes it impossible to continue education.

2.      Psychological impact

Students; who are still not old enough to toughen up to the reality on the ground, suffer psychologically due to these violent and uncertain circumstances. They are emotionally immature and can’t understand the meaning of all that is happening around them. This affects their personality in the worst way possible. Either they become introverts and block the outside world and let no one into their cocoons, or they become involved in the ongoing conflict. This change is more dangerous and damaging as they become politically involved in things they hardly understand. They still don’t know right from wrong; so happens in the case of their choosing side with any of the conflicting factions.

3.      Post-civil war uncertainty

So what happens when the war is over? There comes political stability, life is coming to normality. So everything comes back to normal? Highly unlikely! An innocence that’s lost in the war zone cannot return. It’s lost forever. Students of yesterday have the much different outlook of the world than before. Their aspirations and priorities change.A student, who wanted to be a doctor to serve humanity, may have lost his faith in humanity altogether. It’s not going to be same again for him, or thousands of others like him.

4.      Destroyed School Infrastructure

Civil wars, or for that matter any war, always bring destruction and catastrophe; especially for public infrastructures, and rebuilding them could take months and years, depending upon circumstances. Construction, furnishing and manning the posts again to start anew may take the precious time away from students who already have lost their valuable years to the conflict. Rebuilding life after wars is no walk in the park and students learn this harsh reality in the cruelest way.

These are only a few things that change the life of students and make them learn the harsh lessons of life in the worst way possible. Life becomes their teacher rather than humans and no parent want their child to learn about life like this. It is about time world realizes the implications of war on the students who are our future, and make it a safe place for them.


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