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Wed, Apr 12 2017 - 08:34 AM

Is the number of days where the benefits

Slice PSD to HTML is just the first step in the website development process. Although there are a lot of self-help guides available online, developing a professional business website is a time taking process. It is advisable that you hire the services of a professional development company which ensure high quality websites as well as support services. Doing so you will save a lot of time which can be used for your core business and brining in revenue directly.

Ask any web developer to name few of the vital processes in web development. PSD to HTML slicing will surely rank at the top of that list. For a show stealer website you need to Convert PSD to HTML and slicing is the most important element in the entire process. The importance of this process can be understood from the fact that there are a lot of web development companies whose core business is to slice PSD files and convert them into HTML!

Majority of today’s websites are designed in Photoshop in the form of an image. This gives web designers the opportunity to make it graphically rich as HTML doesn’t allow you to add glossy factor easily. Once the PSD file is ready it is first sliced and then goes through PSD to HTML and PSD to CSS conversion before we see them live on the Internet. It is a complicated process which involves creativity and flawless technical knowledge on part of the developer.

Steps in PSD to HTML Slicing

Once you have a well-designed PSD file in your hand and the next step is to analyze it. Figure out what you exactly want from it. You need to visually break the website into different parts such as the banner, the body, the footer section and the links console.

Decide whether you need a fixed width layout or a fluid width layout where each column can stretch. In the first case your website will have specific standards to maintain consistency while in the later you will have flexibility with your content.

In the next step you should start slicing the file into diverse layers using any of the image editing software. Adobe Photoshop or Image Ready does it best but you can use software of your choice as long as it serves the purpose.

After the slicing is over your next work is on the different elements of the websites such as the buttons, text boxes, image holders etc. In this step you can insert these elements or get rid of those which you won’t like. You need to be very careful in this process as the individual elements should be in high resolution and shouldn’t pixelate under any circumstance.

Once this slicing is over you need convert these individual elements from PSD to CSS and PSD to HTML using semantic codes. This coding is your best option as it will make the websites friendly towards the search engines as each and every element in your webpage will be defined.

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