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Mon, Mar 13 2017 - 09:58 AM

Tricks to Deal with Writers Block

These are some of the most important and best tricks that you can use to get out of brain freeze. These tricks can help anyone in any kind of situation.


Several kinds of situation can arise that can lead to cause mental block while you are doing academic writing. This block is commonly known as writer’s block. The biggest reason behind this block is anxiety. The best possible solution to this situation is to talk to your tutor. Let’s look at various scenarios and then find solutions for them. Academic writing editing services can also help in getting our such kind of brain freeze.

1.       Starting your academic writing without doing enough research:

In such a situation it is obvious that a student would get stuck and have a block. You can use invention strategies to quickly get out of this situation. You should write your primary ideas in bits and pieces and then you would get a clearer picture of what you want to write in your academic writing. Work on these bits and pieces and you would get your outline. It is easier to write when you have an outline.

2.       You are working on a boring topic:

A boring topic can kill creativity and efficiency in you. If you want to avoid this then try to find topic that is of interest for you. Writing would become extremely pleasant if you want to write on a topic that you like. Another good way out is to talk to your tutor. You can talk to your tutor about personalizing your topic and making it more interesting to write for you.

3.       You are not in a mood to write:

In such kind of situation you need to understand that you would have to write whether you like it or not. Even then do talk to your teacher and try to know what exactly is expected of you. You can look into your text books to get a better understanding of your topic.

4.       You face a mental block in exam hall:

You are in an exam hall and your brain fails to communicate with your hands. In such a scenario, the first thing you should do is to keep negative thoughts away from your mind. Try to replace those negative thoughts with positive ideas. Have confidence in yourself and try to be productive. You should have confidence that you can do it. These tactics can be helpful in getting out of this freeze phase.




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