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Tue, Feb 28 2017 - 11:27 PM

President Trump's Address to Congress Feb 28

If President Trump is able to accomplish 75 percent or more of his objectives on his to do list this speech will become one of the most important speeches in American history, similar to a grand slam home run. His tone and presentation was presidential but he also showed that he understands the inter connectedness of America's problems. Even if he had the speech written for him he seemed to be keenly aware of the issues he was addressing.

When I saw all the problems that the Obama people were having setting up the initial website for Obamacare, I suspected they were not going to be able to deliver Obamacare. I think Trump understands the financial dynamics far better. You can't just print money to implement programs. You have to have a strong economy to sustain good medical programs. Obama did reduce unemployment but not to the point of kitchen table economic recovery.There has to be a "cash flow" to enable altruistic dreams, especially for advanced medical care. Unlike Silicon Valley, Kentucky is more vulnerable to changes in the system because the area is depressed and not everyone has a large bank account to deal with unexpected changes. However Obamacare was poorly structured and already showed signs of collapse.

And immigration has to be under control. Years ago Lou Dobbs (who was with CNN at the time) warned us that illegal immigration would devastate America. He wasn't considered crazy. It is true that often good people get hurt during the implementation of any new program (whether Democratic or Republican) and you may need a special office for assisting people. If an unregistered immigrant has been a good employee without a violent criminal record why not let them fill out an application to enter the USA before they are escorted out of the country. Then if they are allowed back in they will be coming in legally. Some Americans don't want to be restaurant employees, but then again I think there are thousands of high school and university students who would love to have a part time job as a waiter or waitress.

I'm also glad to see that President Trump is not forgetting the veterans that have defended America.

I think that the president's economic recovery program is strong. Unfortunately many companies are replacing employees with robots too quickly and not giving workers time to adapt. Fortunately college and Technical Institution graduates can also go out purchase a robot, develop a product, program the robot(s), get a patent lawyer and market a product. Generally you need at least 1 engineer and 1 technologist robot repair man. Look at the prices of robots on ebay, their prices have dropped dramatically. Generally on average I'd say the team that does best takes no more than 2 years to plan their move. I think because their parents are also getting older: and that's where the start up money usually comes from.

God Bless America


Good luck to the Eisenhowers and Edisons in America

but don't forget...

Without the Lord in your life

Your legacy will crumble



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blessed2b - 1 year ago

I agree with Praizeop2. Your words are wise therefore I am praying more for the president and our country. One man cannot do this alone, but with God all things are possible. Claiming promises in Jesus Name

praizeop2 - 1 year ago

Excellent word, Roundtable. Thank you for posting. Blessings ~ Sarah