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Wed, Feb 15 2017 - 05:31 PM

Continuing Starvation in Venezuela

Ever since the Venezuelan government nationalized food distribution in 2015 there have been problems with food shortages. It is apparent there have been many children now who have been without food for long periods of time and are fainting from starvation. Malnourishment in childhood can lead to health problems later on in life and can also stunt the development of the country.

Efforts to distribute food have (what I've heard from reports) been rebuffed by the government in Venezuela. According to reports food has arrived in Venezuela but those delivering have been told to go back.

The Venezuelan government has been given enough time to solve the food shortage problem. They do not have the right to starve their people. If they cannot solve the problem within a few weeks, I'd say it looks like a problem for the United Nations. There are many relief organisations Christian and otherwise who are willing to deliver food to Venezuela. It is sad when the pride of a small group of people is causing the starvation of millions of people. If the government after a few weeks or so still will not let food be delivered to Venezuelans, then maybe food can be deilivered to Columbia and Venezuelans can be alerted to its location.

May God have mercy on Venezuelans. 







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