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Sat, Jan 14 2017 - 12:25 AM

What's in a Name?

When John Paul was shot and injured about 1981 the assailant was charged by the Italian police and later tried in Italian court. Vatican City handles its own day to day affairs, however the Italian government handles the big issues. Is the Vatican ruled by Italy or by the Vatican? If you ask 3 people, likely you would get 4 different opinions.

And I think that this may be the template for Israel as well. God will not likely permit full independence of the West Bank for the Palestinians, since the land has already been given to the Jews. No matter how  many times the Jews are driven out of Israel. God always restores Israel. For example Nehemiah.

If the Palestinians achieve some kind of autonomous principality within the West Bank, I think God may allow that, as long as it is within the jurisdiction of Israel. If it becomes an independent country outside of Israel I think it is doomed to failure. God would veto and reverse the decision. Something always happens. The Lord is sovereign.

Still, it is unfortunately true that unarmed Palestinian demonstrators sometimes get shot by Israeli soldiers. So there is a problem in the West Bank that needs resolution.

Conversely there is no reason that Israel should countenance tunneling under its border; from Gaza or anywhere else. Now would be a good time for Israelis to start looking for a new homeland for Palestinians  that is outside of Israel, because I think Mr Netanyahu is preoccupied with security issues.

God Bless those who seek the truth.


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