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Thu, Dec 29 2016 - 04:55 AM

Sometimes all it takes is a song

In September, my mother-in-law was taken off life support and thee family gathered around her bed in Gainesville, Florida and watched as she took her final breath.  My wife, Teresa, wiped a tear from her cheek with a tissue and we later found out that the tear had formed a perfect shape of a heart on the tissue.  I have no idea what that means but choose to beieve it was her last way of telling us that she loved us and was in the loving arms of the Lord now. 

Her pain was over but, the grief the family shared had just begun.  Teresa in particular had a diffucult time.  She had made the decision to remove her life support and, as the holidays approached she said repeatedly, that this was her first Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas without her mother.  I tried to comfort her but everything in the house reminfded her of mom and the tears often would flow at unexpected times.  All I could do was pray that the Holy Spirit would comfort her.

Thanksgiving came and while everyone enjoyed a good Turkey dinner and a time of fun, Teresa sat in silence thinking that mom wasnt there.  I could see the tears in her eyes and knew that she was fighting to keep her emotions under control.

Then came the change from Thanksgiving to Christmas and all around there were reminders that mom wouldn't be here this year to enjoy the tree, the lights or the exchanging of gifts as we celebrated the birth of our Lord.  She would often get angry or silent and burst into a rage at something I said or that remided her of mom.

Then, one daty as she was driving down the road, mom's favorite Christmas song came on the radio.  Tears came into her eyes as she listenedted to the words, "I'll be home for Christmas."  As the song was endind, the thought came into her mind, "Mom is home for Christmas.  She is with the Lord in her Heavenly home."

I believe that my prayers had been answered.  The Holy Spirit used a simple, secular song totell her, "Your mother is home.  She sends her love and is in the loving arms of Christ.  There is no more reason to grieve her departure from the world of sin and pain that she was in."  God moves in strange ways and somtimes all it takes is a song.

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praizeop2 - 1 year ago

Allen, I always envy people like you and your family that have awesome memories of life. You have been blessed. Don't waste your blessings with sorrow; but remember them with joy! Blessings ~ Sarah