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Sat, Dec 24 2016 - 08:02 PM

The Queen's Christmas Message in Perspective

Christianity is under attack in many places across the world and sometimes it seems unprecedented. And it may well be for our recent times. However, Christianity has always been under attack and it may be helpful to look back at the problems from about half a century ago. In Queen Elisabeth's Christmas Message from 1957 she talks about the attacks against morality, honesty and religion (and this is likely emphasizing Christianity) and in 1968 which was a particularly bleak year in the USA she encouraged people to look to the Lord and not turn their back on God. However here we are almost 50 years later and Christianity is still here. Jesus has designed it so the more you knock it down the bigger it gets. Hedonism tends to create contempt for God. It's our responsibility to see that it doesn't get out of hand. Because, just like rust, Satan doesn't sleep.

So I hope during this holiday everyone spends a little time with their Bible and reminds themselves that the closer one moves towards God the closer He moves towards you.

Merry Christmas

and hope for a

Healthier and Happier New Year in 2017

May God Bless all sincere Christians especially those in war torn areas



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