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Tue, Oct 18 2016 - 04:58 PM

You Are About to See History Made!!!

You are about to see History Made in America! Never has an election meant so much as it does now and all the saints need to be praying and asking for divine intervention!

There is one candidate that is actually seeking Godly counsel and the other is seeking counsel from other sources. Never has our nation been this divided over the election of a president before, because, never has satan attacked America like he has over the last 40 years. In 1964 we took prayer out of our schools to please someone who was an atheist and since then Christians have sat back and allowed our nation to crumble. Yes, we have, we didn’t protest when prayer was taken out of school, when the LGBT agendas started going, we allow our government to dictate to us what we can and cannot believe. I know some of you might think I am being too hard or harsh, but reality is not always nice. So many Christians have sat back and said, “This is the last days, there is nothing we can do.” Well, remember the Apostles, they thought the same thing too, but instead of sticking their head in the sand and giving up, we now have the New Testament to read about the things they did and saw. What if they had given up?

Do you remember in 2012 when the Democrat party was deciding if they wanted to take God out of their platform? Well, that was no mistake, that is exactly what they have been trying to do. They are for murdering millions of babies a year through abortion and it is murder! If a heart is beating, there is life! That is an actual medical requirement to see if someone is alive or not. If you have a heart attack and your heart stops beating, why is it so important to get your heart beating again? Because, if they don’t, you are considered dead, but as long as you have a heartbeat, you are alive. So, a child inside a mother has a heartbeat, then medically speaking, the child is alive!

You are going to start seeing over the next few weeks, things that are going to come out about the DNC and about Hillary Clinton, that will surprise you and some things may even be hard to believe, but this is God shining His spotlight on it! America needs to understand, this is your last chance, get it right this time or it’s over. For the next 20 some years America will live in darkness, freedoms will be given up and the government will take over more control of your private lives. You will not have a choice on where or how you worship God, you will be forced to accept other religions that will have preference over God. Satan will rule in America like never before! There is much more I could tell you, but for now I will leave this part alone. I have seen it from Heaven and will tell you that it is worse than you understand.

This election is not a normal Presidential election, it is more than that, it is more than the Supreme Court Justices, it is about Bringing God Back into America! If you sit home and do not vote, you are allowing satan to dictate who will be our next President, Supreme Court Justices and much more. If you vote for a third party candidate, you are doing the same as not voting. I have never told anyone in my life who they should vote for, but because God has called me to help Wake Up America and has given me prophetic insight. I will tell you that if you don’t vote for the only conservative candidate who has a Godly Vice President Running mate, you are voting against everything God stands for!

Donald Trump is not a perfect man, only Jesus was, but God has called him to lead this country out of the satanic stronghold it has been in and we need to get out and vote for him. We need to take a stand and let people know we are not just sitting around allowing the world to come to an end, we are going to stand up for Godly values and we are going to put God back in America and Make America Great Again!

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praizeop2 - 1 year ago

Good comment, Ivan. Blessings ~ Sarah

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