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Wed, Oct 12 2016 - 08:31 AM

Of Sons and Daughters

Oh sons and daughters of the "great" ones

You once had a chance

In the youth of your strength

At the start of the dance

To take the truth to heart

But you turned away


From cradle to grave

They vowed to give you

Everything they never had

All but diamonds ...  to see you through


But they forgot to tell you

There was a Greater one

Where they came from ... and you


Penny wise pound foolish

You didn't care much for that song

Penny wise pound foolish

You began to mock that song

How could you go wrong?

Where could you go wrong


Head in a cloud

You didn't know the destination

But you went without hesitation

And you played it so loud

Until it drowned out the peace ...

Their heads in a cloud


Where is this place

Everything has changed

Look at the rats race

And all of the chains


You look at their face

Its no longer the same


You look at the darkness

And cannot explain

To live in such starkness

And all the pain


You remember your mother

And call out her name

But she died long ago

And didn't get a chance to explain

Spiritual freedom and righteous pain


Penny wise and pound foolish

It sounded so lame

Penny wise and pound foolish

Can you explain





© 2016

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