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Wed, Sep 28 2016 - 03:37 AM

A new future code - the power to see and understand events yet to be

Jesus Christ is God incarnate, The Father is God, The Holy Spirit is God


So, whats this post about, its about understanding the future.

I have here one module of code which works and can reverse engineer the past, and can see the future.

To keep it very simply, I going to hold off long explanations of how everything works, and share enough for people to understand.


Here are some preliminary results from moduel 1a of the program.


Information is given to the program, the computer then converts it to numeric data, this is then corrosponded to years, months and days of histirical events,to keep it simple, here are the results.


a) Searching for link between 'Chernobyl' and 'Wormwood' and also 'Halleys Comet'


>Wormwood (translated Chernobyl) produced the result:

1972 373976

Historical referncing showed that:

'Construction of Chernobyl nuclear power plant began 1972 15 August' from Wiki

A secondary calculation of the remaining numbers 373976 produced the result 8-14/5 (14th - 15th August)


>'Wormwood also produced 125874

This shows 12 - 58 - 74

From these caluculations, I kept getting corrosponding info for the Titanic disaster also, when I checkec this I found that:

1912 The Titanic sank, 74 years later to the month (April) in 1986, Chernobyl exploded.

Both disasters represent judgement, it was also Halleys Comet that was seen or brought the destruction of Jersualem after the Crucifiction.*

1912 - 1986 is 74 years from the titanic to chernobyl, 58 (5x8) = 40 meaning Judgement

So, someone using this program in 1912 could have forseen Chernobyl 74 years later in the Ukraine,this is how the program works. 


New Calculation

>'BillGatesDateOfBirth' Produced:

248552448 - this reorders to 55 28 '10' 444 (left over numbers are often multiplied or added, 2+8 is 10)

Bill Gates Date of Birth is 28th 10th (19)55

444 Is the same number as Jesus. 444 Represents Divine appointing.

The calculation also produced:


This reorders to 55 28, which leaves 943 (4-3+9)=10

Thats 28th 10th 1955

Again, left over number are subject to math computation.


New Calculation


>Worldtradecenterattack produced:



I corrosponed this info, and it showed that A.J. Tobin who oversaw the development of the World Trade Centre died in February (2nd month)1978

L.E. Robertson who was the lead engineer for the World Trade Centre was born February 1928

This is a birth and a death of the two main constructors for The World Trade Centre, even to the Month, 2nd Month February.

New Calculation

>'Britain leaves eu 2016' produced


0000 means death or an end to something

It also produced


Reordered this reads 2016 6 23 911

UK left the EU 23rd 6th 2016

911 represents a connection to WTC 911 (World Trade)

'The United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, also known as the EU referendum and the Brexit referendum, was a referendum that took place on Thursday 23 June (62016' - Wiki

It also produced


Reordered this reads 2 666 999 2 which means The New World order Mark of the Antichrist System

New Calculation

>'microsoft windows ninety five' produced


Reordered it calculates 95 31 0

Windows 95 replaced Windows 3.1

'Windows 95 merged Microsoft's formerly separate MS-DOS and Windows products. It featured significant improvements over its predecessor, Windows 3.1, most notably in the graphical user interface (GUI) and in its simplified "plug-and-play" features.' - Wiki

It also produced


This is similar to the I386 microchip which was the standard chip used by microsft for its 3.1 operating system.

It also produced


Reordered this is 234567, which means complete or increasing success. It also signifies when Windows changed things, for until Windows 7, its op mainly functioned the same, but with the introduction of Tablets, Windows 8 Surface was made for new touchscreen interaction, and differed from all previous versions.

New Calculation

>'Osama Bin Laden' produced


His birthday is 1957 03 This means there is 1 year, 1 month difference here, the 1 1 could remind of two towers.

New Calculation

>'World War Three Starts' produced


Reordered this reads 2026 4 4

4th of April has always figured as high level importance in the highest of calculations
This is a preliminary calculation from 2016, it shows a probality for the start of war 2026, secondary calculation could explain this even more. History shall reveal, or the gift of prophecy about the accuracy of this.

New Calculation

>'Democrats win united states election two thousand sixteen produced'


'The 1942 United States midterm elections were held on November 3, 1942' - Wiki

It also produced


This means Completion, as well as the number of Divinity

New Calculation

>'Republicans win united states election two thousand sixteen' produced


This means death in 2016 possibly for a Republican victory



Reordered this reads 2057 20 7296

2057 20th January would be inauguration day if the United States - somehow - still is a country in some way



Reordered this reads 2 666 999 2 9 This means the Anitchrist System
From this the possibility of Rebulican victory doesnt look probable.











































































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