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Wed, Sep 07 2016 - 05:29 PM

Our God is a God of Change, not of Acceptance!


I know the title of this sounds harsh, but it's not, it's speaking truth. Let's go back through the word of God and see what I'm talking about. First, let's look at Lot and his family living in Sodom. Lot was Abraham's nephew and when the Angels of the Lord appeared to Abraham and visited with him and then left, but the Lord still standing before Abraham had this discussion with him. The Lord told Abraham that he was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah but He was sending His Angels ahead to see if it was as bad as the outcry from the land. Abraham asked that if there were at least 50 righteous people, would he spare the cities. The Lord agreed, but this conversation went on until Abraham had the Lord agreeing to just 10 righteous people.

Now the Angels arrived in Sodom at the gateway to the city. Lot saw them when they arrived and invited them to his house to wash up and relax, get something to eat, etc. But these Angels said they were going to spend the night in the city square, but Lot insisted until they agreed to come with him. The Angels came in and ate with Lot and his family and before they had gone to bed, both old and young men surrounded the house asking Lot to release the Angels so they could have sex with them. Now these were Angels that appeared as men and the perversion was so strong there. Lot immediately offered up his two virgin daughters to these men, but they refused and wanted the two Angels. These men from the city did everything they could trying to get to these two angels, but God spared Lot, his family and those two Angels. Finally, the Angels asked Lot if he had any more family and to gather them and get out of the city because they were going to destroy it. It ended up being just Lot, his wife and two daughters that left. They were also told not to look back at the city after they left and we all know what happened to Lot's wife, but that is not what this is about. What I am trying to show here is that God was willing to save the whole city of homosexual men if only there were 10 people that were righteous, but there wasn't.

You see, the sin of homosexuality is one of the most difficult to get out of and transgender and lesbianism is the same. It is the only sin where I read in the bible that God was decided to send fire from Heaven to consume, and why is that? Because homosexuality, lesbianism and transgender sin is going against the way God made them. If you want to change your sex or your sexual desires to be the opposite of the way God created you, you are telling God that He made a mistake and God doesn't make mistakes. No place in the bible does it say "Man was made for Man" or "Woman was made for woman" in fact it says the opposite, it says Man is made for woman and woman for man. Never in all of the bible did God ever make someone a homosexual, lesbian or transgender, not once in the bible!

Now as the church goes or Christians, we need to love these people, not condemn them, that is up to God to decide that. Think about this, Abraham did everything he could to try and persuade God not to destroy everyone in Sodom and Gomorrah and God was going to spare them, but the lesson is, Abraham did everything he could to love these people. Not once did he say, "Okay Lord, destroy them" all he did was try to save them. Let God Be God and we need to stop pronouncing judgement on the gay community and start loving them, but not accepting their way of life. I want to make this clear, God does not accept the LGBT lifestyle, He wants them to change back to how He made them!

Think about when you gave your life to the Lord, did you have to change your ways? I did! God brought me out of a horrible life of drugs, alcohol, sex and many other things and I changed. If I had of remained like that then there never would have been repentance, but the word repentance itself means to change, turn 180 degrees from the direction you are going. Yes, it is difficult for some to be around gays and others like that and it doesn't mean you have to hang out with them, but do not point a finger at them or persecute them in any manor, that is God's decision and in the meantime, they need to know about God so they can change, but do it in LOVE! We all MUST CHANGE in order to live for God!!!

I did a video on this recently and invite you to take a minute and look it up on youtube, it's called "God is a God of Change" and you can copy and paste this to view

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