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Sat, Aug 06 2016 - 05:46 PM


Prophetic Word given to me today. 1/26/2016

For some of you, the earth is actually going to move, the ground will shake, you will feel it. For others, you will feel it in the Spirit as it shifts and moves into another dimension. Both are signs that “Now is the Time!” Now is the time to make that move, to shift beyond what you are seeing, to go to where you have been called. Do not worry about how, or lack or in some cases direction, just go!

What you are about to see and experience on this earth is not like what you have seen or experienced before! The wind has changed direction. The Spirit of the Lord will never change, but you will see, feel and experience it in a way you have never done before. Man cannot describe what is going to happen in the Spiritual as well as in the physical because, it is not expected, it is not planned by man, it is from the Lord, it is the Supernatural!

Now is the Time to make sure you are grounded in His word. Now is the Time to make sure there is no darkness in your life. Allow no “Hidden Intentional Sin” to stop you from doing what God has called you to do. If needed repent, because where He has called you, you cannot take that with you as it will be exposed and you will be destroyed.

The next two years you will see a shake up on the earth that will defy logic. Governments will shift, people will cry out for more of God! What was once thought to be the way will shift from the direction it has been going and back to the Lord. Prepare as there is going to be a Great Outpouring like has never been seen on earth and the next two years we are to prepare for what the Lord is about to release!

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