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Fri, Jul 29 2016 - 10:44 AM

Message from an Angel

Message from an Angel

This message was given to me last July 23, 2015.
An Angel actually came into my room and woke me up from a sound sleep and gave me this message.

I was woken up by an Angel of the Lord around 3:00 am, July 23, 2015 and this is what he said. "Get ready, it's time for a Great Awakening in America! These things that have been happening in America are to wake up the children of God that have been sleeping. Rise up! It is time to speak up, let your voices be heard, speak into America the word of God. Rebuke the devour, release the Glory of God over America! Stand up, speak out! Do not be afraid for the Lord God will be on your side! It is time to take back America from the hands of the wicked and it is time to stand up for Israel! Your promises have been their promises. Wake Up!"

This message was very powerful to me back when the Angel spoke them to me, but they have more meaning now than ever before. If you look at what has happened in America over this past year, you can see why this Angel woke me up to tell me these things. One of the biggest movements today is in the political field, here in the United States. We are going to not only elect a new president, but this president will help structure our future by appointing several Supreme Court Justices. If we allow our country to keep slipping away like it has been doing, then we can’t complain if things never change. We need to WAKE UP and see what has happened to our beautiful country! No longer can we sit by the wayside and allow satan full reign over our country, it’s time for the men and women of God to stand up and say “NO! We won’t take it anymore!” We can’t allow this filth and mess to enter into our children’s minds any longer, we must take a stand and say no more! If God is sending Angels to wake us up, then we need to pay attention to God and wake Up!!!

I’m not telling you who to vote for, I’m asking you to wake up, ask God what you should do and who you should vote for, but be smart, don’t support anything that is contrary to the scriptures. Get on your knees and ask God to reveal to you what you should do during this election and be prepared to defend yourself against the onslaught that satan is preparing to throw at you!

Remember Israel, do not vote for anyone who does not stand up for Israel. If you look at all the promises in the bible for Israel, you will see many of those same things that have been happening in America too. We are a blessed nation, but we seem to be losing our blessings as we draw further and further away from God and we have been getting further away from supporting Israel. Just look at the agreement we made with Iran this past year, it basically spells the end to Israel if it stays the way it was written. I am not talking about anything here other than the safety and lives of those in Israel.

Last word; stand in prayer for our country, do not allow satan to whisper in your ears the false message of love that has been spreading throughout the land. “Oh, if you don’t accept me then it must be hate, didn’t God call you to love?” This is a lie from the pit of hell! Jesus loved everyone, but He did not accept the sin they lived in! Don’t be fooled by this rhetoric, it is not from God. Stay in prayer and in His word and you will hear the voice of God, if you take time to listen to him!

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praizeop2 - 2 years ago

Ivan, you live in a different world from most of us. I have never seen an angel. I DO, however, believe in them. I believe they exist today. But we seldom hear about them. I wonder if that is because very few are active in our world, or if just don't listen, or if we did hear them, we would not do whatever it is they told us to do. Blessings ~ Sarah

m7thprophet - 2 years ago


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