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Tue, Jul 26 2016 - 11:02 AM

Introduction to Me

Since this is my first blog with you, let me start by telling you a little about myself. Back in 1978, I died because of a blood clot that went from my leg to my heart, I was dead for more than an hour. During that time I went to hell, Heaven and back. It's a long story so, I wrote a book about the experience, but I am not here to promote my book, I'm here to promote Jesus! There were a lot of things that I saw about the future of the earth and information I was given to share with everyone, but the most important thing is, I am a Man of God and serve Him daily! 

I just moved from Goodyear, Arizona to Spokane, Washington because, God called me to be here. I know I am supposed to open a church here, but one that is different. I am not a typical pastor, my calling is more Evangelistic in nature and working in Miracles. I want to see as many people as possible enter into the Kingdom of God and I want to see everyone receive their healing. It's just how God has programed me. But, one thing that God has spoken to me about is Dicipleship. I am supposed to teach people how to do the same things Jesus did while He walked on earth. That is what the bible says we are supposed to do, isn't it? God called me to do this here in the Spokane area, so that is what I am going to do.

Now one thing people ask me constantly is, "How do you know God is going to heal someone?" Well, that's simple, the bible says so! Yes, one thing I teach people to do is to take your hope, turn it into faith and turn that into knowing! I get so excited when I see other people catch on to this. So, my next blog will be about, "How to turn your Hope and Faith into Knowing!" 

God Bless!!!

Evangelist/Pastor/Author - Ivan S Tuttle

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praizeop2 - 2 years ago

So happy to see you here, Ivan. I look forward to all your future posts!. I would like to mention that if you go to Categories (top of any page) and then click on Health, you will come to "101 Healing Scriptures" which I read every morning! I can't wait for your next post! Blessings, Sarah

Name: EvangelistIvan

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About: I am an world renowned Best Selling Author and Evangelist. I go throughout the United States, Mexico, Korea and Germany spreading the word of God getting people saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, healed, set free and the demonic cast out! I am a discipleship teaching leader that wants everyone to operate in the fullness God has given you! I do believe in Miracles and see many of the happen during the services I speak in or just walking down the street praying for people! We serve an AWESOME GOD!!!

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