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Fri, Jul 01 2016 - 10:16 AM

Brexit, What will tomorrow bring?

Britain has been somewhat of a reluctant member of the EU and Margaret Thatcher was also a bit of a Euroskeptic even though she chose to join in the European Common Market. Still I think that Europe should cut Britain some slack. Britain not only benefitted from trade with Europe, it also helped to build up the EU. Do you think that Europe would at this time have 27 members if Britain had never become part of the EU? Britain did not only take, it also gave. Instead of throwing the book at Britain (which contains thousands of EU regulations) and forbidding it access to the European market, why not take a more moderate stance toward a former partner that has been so beneficial to the EU? Perhaps not a slap on the wrist but why not just a nominal tariff placed on British goods coming into the EU and without all the suffocating paperwork and regulations Brussels is famous for? How about a tariff of 2 or 3 percent? And this way you would be also helping Scotland whose representative received rousing applause when he asked EU reps not to abandon Scotland. If Scotland became independent it might still be opposed by Spain and France. Spain has its own area that wants independence and likely doesn't want a precedent set.

The so called "Norway Model" would likely be a step in the wrong direction for most English since that model requires free movement of labour and following Brussels regulations.I might be wrong but I don't think that temporary suspension of those requirements are what the The Welsh and English are looking for.

When the EU was first set up, I remember one of the main EU spokesmen saying to some wary countries who were thinking of joining: "either you're in or you're out". That sounds an awful like "It's my way or the highway". And I said to myself: "The EU is going to have some big problems". Creating a super machine that follows every pronouncement of Brussels is not the way most people want to live. Efficiency in manufacturing can be a good thing but not at the expense of conscience and humane family values. Nor does anyone want to lose their favorite cheese or bread of that locality because it is not done in the "Brussels way". If Angela Merkel had not been in power in Germany so long I think, the rift would have appeared sooner. Usually she tries to govern fairly and that goes a long way. I think she was a little over optimistic in letting a million refugees in within 2 years, but nobody's perfect.

Building an EU that is more like a "Community of Communities" I think would be a much more beneficial and durable model for the EU, but sadly it doesn't look like that is going to happen. There are some in Brussels that are pushing for even more centralized control that borders on authoritarianism. 

I would say that over the recent span of years, the British pound has stablized the Euro far more than the other way around. So I think a little consideration is in order towards the UK.

Happy Canada Day to Canadians and Happy 4th of July to Americans. And I pray that Farnham Common and Farnham Royal will work together instead of against each other. You'll need to row together to win.

May the Lord have mercy.


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rdrcofe - 2 years ago

a sensible assessment of the situation.

praizeop2 - 2 years ago

Another good word, Roundtable. Blessings ~ Sarah