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Fri, Jun 24 2016 - 05:28 PM

Questions After the Brexit Vote

While the Brexit Vote results produced joy in most of England and Wales, it has produced numerous logistical problems for all of the UK and the EU.

I think that Scotland and Northern Ireland realize that time is on their side, at least for the near future. It is Gibraltar that may well find itself in the most immediate crisis. Some reports say Spain is already proposing shared custody of Gibraltar, something which British residents dearly hoped to avoid.

With all these issues it would not surprise me if PM Cameron appoints 3 or 4 additional cabinet ministers or deputy ministers. Nickel and diming it doesn't make much sense right now.

I suspect, that, except for Gibraltar, the rest of the UK is wondering: what happens to their economy. If a new vision is developed for the English economy, it could act as the driver for the rest of the UK. The voters should wait and see who will replace PM Cameron and what kind of economic ideas they will have.

Right now England is like a light and nimble browser that can move quickly as long as the programming is well done. And that can happen as long as the English roll up their sleeves in about 2 weeks and get to work on a good plan. Anglo Saxons have historically been community minded people. Hopefully that is still the case. Many have complained about being handcuffed by the technocratic regulations of Brussels. Now, if that is coming to an end, will English micro breweries, dairies and mechanical shops re-emerge? Are the skills still there? If Poland will trade with the UK, the UK will not starve. Poland's foodstuffs are some of the finest in the world.

One simple principle from the Bible has usually been effective, and that is: "First establish yourself in the field, and then build your house".

If England develops a nimble economy that Scotland and Northern Ireland can participate in, then they might want to hang around the UK concept. Right now England has to set an example that the rest of the UK can have confidence in. I don't envy PM Cameron at all, since he has to resolve all these issues in the UK, and console the EU as well. What probably gives him energy is the love he has for his country. The EU seems to be in a state of shock and looking for solutions to its own problems. I hope they all find good solutions. May God Bless them, if they are willing.

It may be helpful to remember that in feudal times people had to work in reasonable harmony in order to survive. When we work in harmony in the 21st century, without forcing our will on others, we can thrive. There can be a future for everyone if we don't become too greedy and self centered.


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