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Sun, May 29 2016 - 01:24 PM

The Eye of the Tiger

I was reading one time about a man who traveled much in tiger-infested country. And he wrote that no man who sees the tiger before the tiger sees him is ever killed by it. And the reason is that the tiger always attacks from the rear, surprising the victim. This is undoubtedly true in the spiritual world. Temptations which have been seen in advance, temptations which have been anticipated, temptations which have been watched for and prayed against, and prepared for, and for which the commander-in-chief has been called to bring His resources to bear have little power to hurt the soul. Jesus put it this way to His disciples, Mark 14:38, "Watch and pray, lest you enter into” - What? – “temptation." When you guard against it, you're on your way to victory. So that the great enemy of the believer is spiritual unpreparedness, lack of vigilance.


God bless,


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rdrcofe - 2 years ago

Good advice ! Well said.

m7thprophet - 2 years ago

amen bro. excellent

m7thprophet - 2 years ago


praizeop2 - 2 years ago

Great word, Alf. Thanks for posting. Blessings ~ Sarah