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Thu, May 26 2016 - 05:57 PM

Looks Like an Uncontested Convention for Mr Trump

Now that Mr Trump has acheived the necessary threshold for an uncontested convention he may have some more time to think about policy. At one point  Mr Trump had indicated his disillusionment with NAFTA. NAFTA has certainly been a nauseating experience for a lot of blue collar workers in both Mexico and the southern states of America. If Mr Trump wants to encourage illegal immigrants to return to their country, it would help if they had something to go back to. NAFTA could be modified or replaced. The idea of tariffs that Mr Trump mentioned may have some applicability,but I'm pretty sure it would not be a silver bullet. Mr Trump is however an intelligent guy so I'm sure he could think of something. It's easy to dismiss Mexico because America has so many problems right now, but as they say: "A stitch in time saves 9". If Mexicans could make similar wages to what they would make in America, there would be little incentive to travel to the US. Right now the only industry I know of in Mexico that can feed a working man's family and put a roof over his head is illegal drug manufacture and transport. Everyone in Mexico should be encouraged to turn over a new leaf and get involved in legal business opportunities, not just workers. Raising low cholesterol longhorn cattle is just one example. Credit has to be given to Mr Trump for bringing up the subject of illegal immigration and exposing its danger.

The idea of truncating NATO, I think at this time is not such a wonderful idea. The world is full of conflict right now and the USA needs allies to stand with them on some issues. Going it alone on all issues can get dicey and expensive.

God Bless America


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roundtable - 2 years ago

You are right Sarah. Parliamentary language developed for a reason. In British history whenever there was name calling, accusations, threats, ultimatums or the like it often led to brinksmanship. People could be arrested, killed and at one time there was an overthrow (Cromwell). I know Mr Trump likes to shoot from the hip and conflict in politics is unavoidable but Jesus taught that rebuke is better than railing.
Name calling makes for a long day at the office, especially if you are a politician. However criticism backed up by proof can silence an adversary. Also I think that it would help his movement, if he would ask the white supremacists at his rallies to respect the constitutional rights of blacks. They don't have to like them however the Bible says they should have agape towards them (agapao being a generic term and not as powerful as philios). Philios meaning the love of a friend, which is where Philadelphia comes from.

praizeop2 - 2 years ago

An interesting blog post, Roundtable. You might want to put some of it in a forum for discussion. I pray that Mr. Trump will learn to guard his mouth.
Proverbs 21:23 He who guards his mouth and his tongue, Guards his soul from troubles.
Blessings ~ Sarah