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Sun, Apr 24 2016 - 04:17 PM

Come! Come! Come Unto Me.

Who is He that is calling? To whom is He calling?


If you don't know the answers then you need to find out right now.


The Bride is still making herself ready. The call is going out to her. She is still being built. She still has to come out from Satan's clutch. She is still partly bound by the world system of evils, including Islam, Hinduism, Judaism. The spells of the Rastas, Witches, and Wizards are holding her back.


The voice calling her is that of her Prince. The Prince of Peace. She is still happy with the temporal peace that the world gives her. Her world religions offer her peace and she believes that her way of peace is the true way. So she is playing hard to get. She visits Praize and consumes a lot of what is taught. She searches for love but she does not know it. She gets a touch from the Prince but she is hardly aware that He is touching Her.


So the Prince has to still call out to her; Come! Come! Come Unto Me. Come through my death, burial and resurrection.


The Prince is Jesus. He is still building His Church. His Bride. The Bride has to leave Islam, Hinduism, etc.


The Bride that is washed already and have answered the call of the Prince should be helping the Prince to find the Muslim, Hindu, etc. whom He is calling.


Islam, Hinduism, etc. may offer some peace but not everlasting peace. Ghandi sought peace and sucessfully obtained some temporal peace for his nation. What Ghandi and many other peacemakers could not have given is everlasting peace. Neither could they have given peace that produces a Bride for the Prince of Peace, Jesus the living Son of God.


Without the Prince's love there is no everlasting peace for those still bound by the world with all its false teachings. Love the Prince. Run after Him. Hear his voice. Let Him snatch you from the clutch of Satan.


Come! Come! Come unto me! I have loved you unto death. I have paid the full price for you.


Be loosed, Oh Bride of my Redeemer! Be loosed from the clutches of devils! Be loosed you who are near and reading this. Be loosed you who are far and are not aware of this. Be loosed in the name of the greatest Prince, Jesus.



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praizeop2 - 2 years ago

I am always blessed by you being here! Thanks. Blessings ~ Sarah

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