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Thu, Mar 24 2016 - 11:50 AM


Resurrection Power


Jesus hung upon the corss,

The darkness closing in.

The sin of the entire world was being placed on Him.


The Father turned His face away.

Satan shrieked with glee.

He was moving in to claim his victory.


It is finished!  The earth did quake!

"I've captured the prize at last!"

Pulling Him downward into his realm he roared with wicked laugh.


But no!  The light!

The light streaked out, unlocked the prison gates.

They heard His word, the words of love, and captives were set free!


And then in glorious morning bright,

The earth shook in joyous praise!

Death could not hold the victor down!

Darkness could not envelope light!


And mighty, resurrection power - is free!

For all who will believe.

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praizeop2 - 2 years ago

Awesome, Bonnie! Thanks for posting this. Do you have any more? Blessings ~ Sarah