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Thu, Mar 10 2016 - 05:12 PM

God's utter and absolutely forgiving love illustrated

The following story is told by Dr. Donald Gray Barnhouse and is a perfect illustration of the love of God:

There was a young man in France, much loved of his mother, who pursued a wicked course that took him deeper and deeper into sin. He became enamored of an evil woman who dragged him further and further into unrighteousness. The mother, naturally, sought to draw him back to a higher plane and the other woman resented it bitterly. One night, the story goes, the evil woman chided the man with an accusation that he did not really love her because he allowed his mother to interfere. He vowed that he loved her. She appealed to his drunken mind saying, "If you really love me, you will rid us of your mother and her constant pleadings." Well, according to the legend, the young man rushed from the room to a nearby house in which his mother lived and dealt her death blows, tearing the heart from her body to carry it back to his lover as proof that he had taken her life. Then, says Barnhouse, came the climax of the tale. As he rushed on in his insane folly, he stumbled and fell, and from the bleeding heart there came a voice, "My son, are you hurt?"

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