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Sat, Mar 05 2016 - 12:11 AM

The Living Joy of Contemplative Prayer

You must quiet your mind by pondering over a passage of scripture over and over again. You must allow the Word of God to bring you into the Presence of God. The Lord promises life and blessings to them who would ponder (meditate) over a passage of scripture in your mind. The oil of joy and gladness (bliss) will take over your life and you will be anointed to understand all mysteries and solve difficult riddles. You will be anointed to offer wise counsels for all situations. You will be filled, led, and empowered by the Spirit to use the spiritual gifts. You will be anointed to use creative wisdom in the area of business or working on a job. You will open up like a rose and beauty will spread its wings. God's face will enlighten your mind and heart to prosper and succeed in every area of life.

1) Pray (Make requests before the throne of God (Grace).

2) Quiet your mind with a passage of scripture. (15 - 30 minutes)

3) Wait on the Lord (wait for his thoughts to come across your mind) (5-15 minutes)

4) Write the vision (thought) that comes to your mind.

5) Start over the next day. 

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praizeop2 - 2 years ago

Welcome to Praize! Blessings ~ Sarah