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Tue, Jan 19 2016 - 10:45 AM

Reaching Out...

Once again Praize has the opportunity to reach out to those less fortunate.  We were able to have fourteen Bibles sent to Cameroon (Africa), for new converts there.  I also sent a study Bible at pastor's request.  In that box, we included crayons, finger paints, Christian puzzle books, etc., for the children.  We also sent money to Nigeria for a family for Christmas.  We have enabled the two children in this family to go to Christian school for the past few years, and plan on continuing with their education. They currently need $300 for rent for 2016.  (Imagine that!  $300 for a whole year's rent!)   

Praize is helping to build a church in India.  They are now working on a baptismal for new converts, as they have been having to baptize in the filthy water of the lakes there where people and animals wade and deficate, etc.  So far, no  one has gotten ill from being baptized; please pray that that continues AND that they can get a safe baptismal built. 

If you would like to help with these outreaches, go to the Praize home page and click on "Partner with Praize" in the lower right-hand corner.  Then PM me and let me know how you want your donation to be used.  Please pray about donating to these ministries.  The people are SO grateful and pray for us constantly. 

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vmarip - 2 years ago

Hallelujah!!! I just heard a report that Africa is the fastest growing Christian Nation on the globe. the Holy Spirit has given me a Word that the Fire of Revival, Repentance and Redemption of The True and Living God is smoldering and is now being fanned by the Faithful in Christ. It is an All Consuming Fire of the Most High and it will sweep the USA from east to west, west to east; north to south; south to north; devouring everything and anything in it's Path that does not line up with the Will of God. It is the Word in the Old Prophets' testaments that say He will destroy the wicked. the Judgements are not for the Redeemed; but for the wicked who refuse God's Son and Spirit. This Fire will roar and burn through the Globe until every last Soul is saved that will be saved before the Rapture of the Church; which will be only half of the Church Body; according to the Word of God. This Fire is flaring up now! Be Ready, Church Family; it is Harvest Time!

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