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Mon, Jan 04 2016 - 07:44 PM

Columnist Compares Candidate To The Son Of Perdition

In a commentary transcript, columnist Cal Thomas compared the rise of Donald Trump with the rise of the Anti-Christ.

The consideration of such is always good discernment on the part of an Evangelical public intellectual when a political figure begins to accumulate a devoted following..

However, out of curiosity, did this commentator make an as bold a statement regarding President Obama?

After all, there was a point when church worship bands and elementary school choruses alike were singing songs of praise in homage of the forty-fourth president.

Thomas observed that at one time a divorced man could not expect to be elected President but that Evangelicals are now comfortable with a candidate that has been married three times and can barely quote a single Bible verse.

But didn't Thomas himself help get this kind of ball rolling when he co-authored “Blinded By Might”?

In that work, Thomas advocated the thesis that Christians shouldn't really get that involved in politics.

Instead, believers ought to recognize a distinction between an individual's personal sense of piety and their ability to govern effectively.

Interesting how such a directive is rescinded as soon as average Christians are considering a candidate that does not spew the social justice platitudes infiltrating religious circles to an ever increasing degree.

By Frederick Meekins

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jeanne53 - 3 years ago

Sarah, do you mean that people tend to be "single-issue voters" or actually narrow-minded? The single-issue here with Trump being immigration policy…currently, anyway. People are angry, but I hope they will come to their senses where Trump and who is a worthy candidate for President of the United States.

Frederick, I fail to see how any Christian or Conservative could support Trump, but I could never understand how any Christian could vote for Obama, either. In the end we will have two to choose from. The key here is Thomas's suggestion that the president should be someone who can govern effectively. It is that quality that is stunningly being ignored by Trump supporters on the Republican side, let alone Trump's utter lack of piety or belief.

praizeop2 - 3 years ago

It always amazes me how narrow minded we (people) can be when it comes to politics. Blessings ~ Sarah

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