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Sun, Jan 03 2016 - 06:15 PM

sad news

So almost a week ago my grandfather passed, i wasnt able to go to his funeral which was yesterday :( the last christmas gift he gave me was a cross necklace, I know this sounds weird but i sometimes sleep with it.  I have a picture of him at my mom and step dads wedding and he adopted me as his granddaughter.  yea I will def miss him.  last week i was distraught and all, i asked God what can i do? i feel so helpless, he said lean on me and not your own understanding which is in proverbs 3:5-6 so the whole entire week of me being angry with God screaming and throwing a fit all he kept saying was lean on my understanding. 


Weird how i want to walk away but God is always there.  thank you all for keeping my family and my grandpa in prayer hes with the Lord now probally dancing with my brother or sitting at the Lords feet or dancing around the throne.  im thinking of sleeping with his picture beside me now i may never understand but i know God has his reasons no matter how mad i am at God ill get over it.

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About: I have 2 brothers 2 sisters. I would want to become a youth pastor. I have taught sunday school once, I have cerbral palsy. I like to pray for others. I write poems and songs and stories and plays. I am very energetic outgoing and just all around fun haha i love telling jokes and when i fall well i get back up again. God is just that good and if he didnt have a sense of humor well he wouldnt make me lol

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