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Mon, Dec 14 2015 - 08:03 PM


Today my landlord found found my neighbor neighbor and I werent like best of friends or anything but she did talk to me and did make me a blanket and gave me clothes or food when i needed it.  My neighbor helped me out and i did my best to help her out.  Not sure of the cause of death but please pray for her family, it seems so unreal to me right now In the midst of all this my landlord needed someone to take care of my neighbors dog until either one i keep her or one of the realitives comes and takes the dog.  I would like prayers for her family and me if thats okay? my neighbor was 49 years old and again it seems so un real, i try not to cry cause we werent super close friends but part of my heart is broken and it needs healing and also i have no clue how to take care of a dog.



Comfort my neighbors family in their time of need and Lord i ask that you help me as well, give me the wisdom to take care of her dog right now and help me to be strong in you Father.  Lord take away these flashbacks i have of my grandma and allow me to cry on your shoulder cause i need to in Jesus name Amen

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praizeop2 - 3 years ago

Dani, I am SO sorry you have had to experience this. But you will make it through! You are a strong little person! :) I also think that God has a great and interesting future for you. He definitely has something special, because your life has been so unusual. Keep your focus on Him and ask Him to show you your way. As for the dog... just love it and it will teach you to care for it. It will be great company for you. Please keep us posted as things progress. Blessings ~ Sarah

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About: I have 2 brothers 2 sisters. I would want to become a youth pastor. I have taught sunday school once, I have cerbral palsy. I like to pray for others. I write poems and songs and stories and plays. I am very energetic outgoing and just all around fun haha i love telling jokes and when i fall well i get back up again. God is just that good and if he didnt have a sense of humor well he wouldnt make me lol

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