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Wed, Sep 30 2015 - 06:30 PM

In the Words of John MacArthur

"...there are only two views of the universe; either God is, and that makes sense, or God is not, and then we’ve got some problems.  For example, the equation of “God is not” is nobody times nothing equals everything.  That’s a little difficult to believe.  You look at the universe, say, “Nobody times nothing equals everything.”  The other possibility is somebody times something out of nothing equals everything, and that makes sense.  You see, cosmology is the argument from cause and effect – kosmos, the world – the effect, the universe.  We look at it, and we say somebody made it.  And as we define the world, we learn more about the one who made it."  ( God: Is He? Who Is He?) 

It is mathametically impossible for the Universe to have evolved from nothing.  There has to have been a Creator.

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