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Mon, Sep 14 2015 - 07:32 PM

How to be a good person

How do we define to be a good? Are there any good people? Is there any definition to it? The thing is that we see thousands of people everyday and most of the time when we come in contact with anyone of them we start to judge them in their behavior. It can be said that it is partially fair but first look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself "Am i good?". Most people would answer yes but the question is do you mean it? of-course not we all see the good in our self but look from the eye of the others and then judge yourself. Most of you will see the answer you don't like.

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There is no rule book to follow it's just in plain words your behavior towards others but even before that start lifting up your self esteem. Go around the world with your head held high, don't think over just go and see the world with a smile on your face. Many would say by staying positive and believing in yourself makes the world a better place. Then start developing a mindset, whatever your job is it's the best it pays the bills but still struggle because you won't get paid thousands of dollar straight out of high school or college work hard and you will get to that point, but until then this helps you stay in your own place and you can buy things of your own. This is itself is a big achievement because many would say "How do you work there? Do you feel good about yourself?" Always give up a positive answer because it will confuse them and they either would think you've gone crazy or you really are satisfied in yourself, but remember the struggle is your own and even if every step is broken always remember to move forward no matter what.

Start helping other people even if they are not good to you this will make them reanalyze you and ultimately they will in embarrassment will be good to be. In this way you actually are making your surrounding better. Always be nice to stranger as well who knows they might help you someday plus they get connected to you in a way and today it's all about connections. When you feel free try to do two things either pray to God/meditate or go and help your community staying busy going something is better then doing nothing and thinking about past or future. Idle mind tend to make you think about evil many believe in this because whenever you are alone there will come a time when someone will get inside your head and nagging ad cursing him/her would come up which will ultimately lead you to backbiting which again is the wrong perception of mind and health. Staying positive helping others will also make your health better many psychologist say this in their therapy. 

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