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Tue, May 19 2015 - 09:30 PM

A New Blog Post...

Dearest friends and acquaintances....

I apologize for what I am about to write, but find it very necessary to do so.  First, I apologize for my self-pity of the last two blogs.  I seem to allow myself two pity parties per year... one at Christmas and one at Mom's day.  So now that my apologies are over, I will just say that I am in a very happy and busy place right now.  True, my health could be a little better, but not bad as I continue to remain alive year after year and for the most part somewhat active. :) 


So I want to say thank you to our faithful members that keep Praize alive with their forum posts and blogs.  I researched to see if I could find out when I first began in Praize.  I WAS the sixth member to join.  The date I found was 2000, which seems to me to be pretty accurate... fifteen years ago. :)  Except for my marriage, I think that is the longest period of time that I have stuck to anything; and I'm not planning on going anywhere soon.  So this is some sort of record for me and I am happy that it is in print. At least I have something to show for my life. 


So thank you, my friends, for loving and supporting me always.  May my God bless you all abundantly as you have blessed me.

Blessings ~ Sarah

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jesuslives2 - 4 years ago

you are awesome and I am so blessed to be able to come here and blog. sometimes we need pity partys its okay. we all have them

gloriousdays - 4 years ago

I am glad that you are experiencing some more joy in your life now. Bless you.


jeanne53 - 4 years ago

Everybody is entitled to an occasional pity-party! Even during the party, most people realize how fortunate they really are in the scheme of all things. I was feeling sorry that I had broken my ankle at such a busy time and sorry for all I endured...but at the same time I was very glad that I had ankles to break, for some people do not have feet or legs.

I checked on my posts and found the archives only went back to 2009, but I was here for several years before that...maybe 2004 or earlier, even. I remember you then, Sarah. I was the newest atheist member, invited by Tony (remember him) and I don't think we hit it off at first. You might have been newly an OP or maybe not yet a member to that exalted position of calling us out on not following the TOS. Raucous times at Praize with page after page of debating, which often required closing it out and starting anew just for the sake of newbies to the topic. Evangelism on fire and it often scorched all debate section, but especially atheist debate. Some would complain that Praize should not allow atheists, but we countered with the idea that how better to debate with atheistic attitudes concerning religion than with debating with actual atheists. is only I who is left. And..I am not so vehemently atheist anymore. With age comes.....all sorts of stuff.


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