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Mon, May 11 2015 - 05:15 PM

After Mothers' Day...

I just wanted to give you a little follow-up after my depressing Mothers' Day blog. :)   The last two years I have done quite well on the day... even at church when the pastor talks about Mothers' Day and how wonderful mothers are.  I think with all the abortions that women have had and all the mistakes we have made and all the children we have lost, pastors are finally beginning to understand that not everyone has a happy Mothers' Day.  So at my church they honor mothers, but don't push it. I appreciate that.

I wanted to share that this Mothers' Day was actually pretty good.  Of course I receive and send posts to all my friends... just a good time to keep in touch.  But one son texted me that he was on the road and would call one day soon.  I appreciated that. He and his family had spent the day at his wife's mom's.  Their daughter was there also, so they had three generations of mothers. I thought that was pretty cool.   My oldest son called me, which I wasn't expecting and which made me VERY happy.  It is so special when children do something that you know is difficult for them and they do it anyway.  I love him for that! 

But God is the God of answered prayer.  It has been prophecied three times in the past (in most unusual ways, and sometime I will write about that) that my "boys" would be with me in heaven.  I am VERY grateful for those good words.  Especially since they were from people that did not know me or my circumstances. 

So I just want to say that I know God is faithful.  So trust Him!  He is good all the time. 

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jeanne53 - 4 years ago

Thanks for this update. I tried to post to the other one and just kept deleting what I had written... Hugs, sweetie. I love you. Life is strange...

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