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Wed, Jan 28 2015 - 10:26 AM

Last Days happening now

As you look around its not difficult to see that the last days are being enacted.

Not only natural disasters,and weather changes. Famine and strife but the rise of the Anti-Christ in the form of Islam.

The last day is now imminent. ARMAGEDDON. 20 th May 2020.

Be warned and put your life in order. Obey God's Laws and follow Christ who will fulfill the Law for you.

Be blessed always.

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2anne - 3 years ago

When CHRIST returns with his warriors to fight satan and devils men and woman who break God's Commandments will not be cleansed. They and the Devils in them will be terminated.
God's Laws are supernatural and evil cannot live in a person who obeys so understand.

gloriousdays - 3 years ago

Hi 2anne,

welcome to Praize. It is wise for us to live Godly lives whether in the last days beginning or end. Understanding the signs of the times should be based on the teachings of the Holy Scriptures in the Holy Bible. Placing an exact date for certain events when such a date is not written in the scriptures is not wise.

Please continue to post.

With Love and Peace to you.