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Tue, Jan 13 2015 - 01:09 PM

Dropping Oil Prices

I'd imagine that a lot of oilpatch personnel are hurting from the drop in oil prices. However this may prove to be an opportunity for those who had once planned on starting a micro brewery or a home based pizza business (something that uses a lot of gas to deliver product). So if you have some money saved up that you are willing to risk (since all businesses involve risk and the possibility of losing your investment) then it might work out for you. When oil prices go back up you might be able to go back to the oilpatch (if you're lucky). I know there are some ladies in the oilpatch construction sites as well. Maybe this is the time to pull out your grandmother's secret recipe. Or maybe not. Running a business is not for everyone, but some people once they start, they don't go back to being an employee anymore.


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praizeop2 - 3 years ago

Interesting post! LOL Blessings ~ Sarah