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Tue, Dec 30 2014 - 05:50 PM

Israeli/Palestinian Problem talking points


-Arab countries getting tired of the lack of progress as is USA


-any major suggestions for solving Palestinian/ Israeli problems should come after an elected Israeli government is in place


-Israel has to have enough land in the West bank area to create a no man's land where they can examine the area for tunnels and quickly eradicate tunnels as they are built, so imposing a "1967 boundaries" model on Israel as a solution wouldn't stand much of a chance of working


-likely tunnels wouldnt be built from west bank during negotiations?  however Israel has to prepare for the worst case scenario of tunneling from gaza and the west bank occuring, after some kind of agreement is reached


-There are many Arab countries in the Middle East, there is only one Jewish country, leaders come and go but the Jewish people remain. they need a country where they can live as Jews.


-inmyopinion up until this time Palestinians have not afforded adequate security considerations to Israel


-and the state of Israel has not come up with a workable economic plan for Palestinian autonomy/exodus even as a hypothetical model, even though some Israeli scholars have discussed the issue on tv


-if Israel does not like the suggestions from Fatah they have to be ready to provide some suggestions of their own from time to time. If no movement in talks are forthcoming then some kind of provisional economic plan should be formulated for Palestinian areas. Life goes on, people have families. As long as they (West bank residents)dont assume a militaristic posture some level of normalacy should be provided. The West bank has its provocateurs, however it has a much more peaceful track record than Gaza. Still,outside of reasonable expectations of food clothing, shelter and personal safety, I dont think the Palestinian Authority should expect to get everything it asks for.



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roundtable - 3 years ago

I'll have a look at the different sub categories in news forums in the new year. I think you are right Sarah,this issue will be of concern to many in 2015. But info I think will be coming from many sources. I saw a good Middle East documentary by Rick Steves on PBS just the other day. And I get a feeling there will be more from various sources including CBN (which is on the homepage). I wish a safe and Happy New Year to everyone in 2015.

praizeop2 - 3 years ago

Roundtable, we need you here to update people like me on what is really going on. We DO have a "NEWS" forum where these things could be discussed if you would like to post there. We are hoping to get it on the home page in place of Prayer Requests, since that forum is not very active. Pray for this to happen. (I am waiting until January to approach those that work the site to see how much it will cost.) Blessings ~ Sarah