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Sun, Dec 07 2014 - 10:18 PM

A Doctor's Story


A doctor had finished performing a long operation and he was tired and looked for a place to lie down. He walked down a long hallway and saw a room at the end of the hallway that had a place where he could lie down and take a nap. As he was walking through the doorway he felt something in his way. He looked and couldn't see anything there so he tried going through the doorway again. Again he felt as if there was some kind of physical barrier in his way. He couldn't understand it. He made one more attempt to enter the room but failed. He was too tired to figure it out so he looked for another place to sleep. He found a suitable location and had his sleep.


When he woke up, he didn't realize it yet, but the room where he was going to take a nap, didn't exist anymore, the Japanese had just made it another hole in the ground. You see it was December 7 1941 and the location was Pearl Harbor.


I think God saved him not only because he was a doctor. I think he had done something for the Lord, either once or many times, or someone had prayed for him.


I saw this on a program either about angels or supernatural phenomenon likely 20 years ago.


I salute all the brave men and women who defended Hawaii on Dec 7 1941 and I congratulate the pilot of plane 14P-1 who apparently sank a Japanese sub a half hour before the aerial assault on Pearl Harbor. A detailed account of the battle at Pearl Harbor can be found in the Roberts Commission Report at:



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Probiblos1962 - 4 years ago

Very good post. I marvel at the grace of God.

praizeop2 - 4 years ago

Thank you SO much for sharing this. I was six years old, yet remember it vividly. I still don't understand why men fight. :( Blessings ~ Sarah