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Fri, Nov 21 2014 - 06:54 AM

The Temple Mount


Controversy over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is likely what caused the attack on a Jewish synagogue a few days ago. Tragically 3 or more rabbis were killed in the attack. And what is more sad is they were killed while at prayer. This is bad news for the killers because God wants people to pray and to interrupt that process will likely bring retribution from God. Praying to the Lord is a good thing as long as the one who prays is showing respect to the Lord. People at prayer to God should be left alone.


Recently some Muslims objected to prayers on the Temple mount because I suppose it was too close to their mosque. Jews and Muslims should not expect agreement on the Temple Mount anytime soon so as long as someone stays out of your building and doesn't interfere with work, let them pray.


This is supposedly the place where Abraham offered up his son to the Lord, but the Lord rejected the shedding of human blood. So if someone wants to honor the Lord they should avoid shedding human blood over arguments about the Temple Mount, is my reasoning. Also I think it would be prudent for security forces to abstain from using deadly force during crowd control.


On a tangent, I would also reflect that there should not be haste in signing a nuclear treaty with Iran. I don't think that there are many Americans who think that letting Iran build weapons grade uranium enrichment centrifuges is a positive step. To the contrary, it could start a war.



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