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Sun, Aug 24 2014 - 05:26 AM

It's Sunday Morning!!

It's Sunday morning!!  Since I currently have weekends off [but am expecting to be "sentenced" back to working weekends beginning in October] I'm going to be going to both Worship and Sunday School this morning.  Worship is at 9:00 AM and Sunday School is at 10:30 AM.  Looking forward to hearing  Pastor Mark preach from 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 - his sermon title is Saving the World: The ACTS of the Apostles and the Crisis in Corinth.  He will also be preaching on the impact of marriage in the early church. 

Today is also "First Grade Sunday" - each child starting first grade will be presented with a Bible as a gift from the church.  Plus Pastor Mark will have lunch after 10:30 AM Worship with the First Graders and their families. 


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praizeop2 - 4 years ago

What a delightful Sunday! I especially love giving first graders Bibles. I taught my step-daughter to read using the Bible. Her older brother was learning to read, so I gave her a scripture and showed her a word and had her circle all of that word she could find. :) It is a fun game and they do learn to read and learn the Bible. Blessings ~ Sarah

m7th - 4 years ago


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