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Tue, Jul 08 2014 - 02:23 PM


Over the last several weeks Ihave had a back problem that really is Satanic as far as level of pain goes.  Ican't  do a lot of things I did before and have dwelled in a deep level of self pity. This has made  me a real devil of a person to be with.

They have a level of stenosis that goes more than half way up the spine. The stenosis is a type of spinal arthritis That is very disabling.  In addition to this there is a vertabrae between L3 AND L4, The discs are cunshions between the vertabrae to keep the nerves that run between them, from being damaged and now there is no cushion for the sciatic nerve right there(for  the cushion) that wraps around the chord for the complete lengthth of it.

Now after  having tired of this and my faith falling to an extreme depth, Idecided to go to the Lord with my anger and all.  You  ever had one of those sessions with parents when they reached out a hand pattted' you on the head and said you poor thing. That's about where I was right then!!!

After  awhile he answered me with something  from Jeremiah, at least I think it was there, Jerry and I aren't speaking!!!  Oh yes what was said" while you  were yet  speaking Ianswered,  This is not really verbatem  but you understand where I was,.. when HE said before you spoke I heard.

What I was reminded of was the ear of the Lord is never closed but my anger blocked any kind of receptivity from the Lord through the Holy  Spirit.




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praizeop2 - 4 years ago

Jim, over the past few months I have been assulted physically beyond reason. I could tell you stories of how wrong things seem to be going. All I know to do is to keep in the Word. I haven't wanted to, but I have forced myself to stay in the Word. I believe that all the demons of hell have been let loose because they know that Jesus is soon to return. They want to discourage us as much as possible. So, my friend, all I can say is stay in the Word and I will be praying for you. Love you. Blessings ~ Sarah