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Sun, Jun 29 2014 - 07:54 PM

The Great Outpouring : Part 4

Joel 2:28 .... I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh ...

I finally felt a release to quit the fast and go home. The revival date was getting near and I was looking forward to it. When the day of the first night of revival came , we packed a few things and rode up with our friends who arranged the revival. I had my music equipment to take and they had a large size van, so we took that. We got up there early and I had them drop me off at the church.  My wife and children went with them to someones home , where we'd be staying.  I set up my portable piano and other paraphernalia , and went up in the balcony to seek God's face until service time. I felt the excitement in the air. What was going to happen ? What was God going to do ? How many folks would show up ?  Would anybody even show up ? All these things flooded my mind as my faith ran high. One thing I always found out , when one anticipates getting themselves prepared.  It seems as if you are never really satisfied with your preparations. Thats a good thing though , because it leaves you totally dependent on the Holy Spirit. Service time time was getting close , so I went down and walked around the sanctuary. The door opened and here came this precious elderly lady wearing a backward collar leading a little poodle dog down the isle with with her What in the world was this I thought? She introduced herself to me as the pastor of the church . We sat on the platform and got acquainted. I had never ever met a lady pastor up until now , especially leading a little dog like that. I didn't know whether to laugh or run.  She gave me some history of the church and filled me in on some things she was  expecting God to do in the revival and other minor details.  People were beginning to come in. By the time the service was to start the church was nearly full. Wow !

 this was more than the 8 or 9 people that came regularly. Was this what God had showed me in my spirit out in the trailer ?

To Be Continued............................


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