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Thu, May 22 2014 - 07:41 PM

Not to Preach Against Evil, is Evil Itself

Too many pulpits in America have become weak and powerless, and so have most Protestant and Evangelical Churches!  Most Church goers don't like hearing that, but it's a fact. Just look at how society has invaded the Church with it's socialist message. Many Churches are now into social justice issues instead of evangelizing the lost in thier cities and towns.  Carrying the water in Africa has replaced sharing the Gospel with the lost, and harvesting souls for the Kingdom of God.  The Church is America has become way to comfortable, and many seek Christians want to be entertained, instead of challenged spiritually.

There are many great preachers out there preaching the Word of God faithfully, but most are guilty of ignoring the plight of the pre-born. Aboriton is murderm they know this, but because it does not effect them directly, they don't think about it, and they surely don't act to end it. Pastors should be preaching against evil in our culture, and teaching thier congregations how to directly engage the culture with the Gospel. This does not happen on the inside of our multi-million dollar church buildings alone, this happens out in the streets, where the lost are. Jesus said that he did not come to save the righteous, but that he came to save sinners. It is the lost who are sick and need spiritual healing, and Jesus is the doctor with the cure for their sin sick lives. 

Most lost people today have no desire to enter any of our Church buildings, and site the hypocrisy that they see in the lives of those who profess to know Christ. Could it be because we have not obeyed the Word of God? Maybe our lack of love for one another, and our lack of love for our neighbor has something too do why they want nothing to do with Church or Christianity? God said that our love for one another would be a sign that we are Christ's disciples, what the world sees is division, hatred, condemnation, and hypocrisy.

Abolitionists like myself believe that the Pre-born in utero, are our neighbors also, and that if we truly love God with all our being, and love our neighbors as ourselves, we will not just ignore the plight of the pre-born, but fully engage ourselves in it's abolition.  Pastors need to preach about this subject, and equip thier congregations to go out and get involved in the abolition movement.  If black people were still being enslaved on farms, beaten, raped, dehumanized for profit, the Church would be all over that like crazy because we can see the injustice with our eyes, and it's too hard to deny what is taking place. With the issue of abortion, the child is in utero where we cannot physically see it. This is no way negates our responsibility too obey God and His Word, we must still engage ourselves in the abolition of abortion, whether we can see it or not.

Ask yourself another question, does God hate our Praise and Worship? I'm not talking about sound or style, I'm talking about does God hate our worship because of our lack of obiedience to His Word, because of our idolatry! Pastors think about this, fellow believers judge yourselves too see if there is even a hint of idolatry in your lives, and pray to the Lord to purge it from your midst. Every immoral man or woman in your churches should be put out if they will not repent of their sin, this includes those who have had abortions, or have brought someone else to a clinic for an abortion.

Pastor's! Not to Preach against evil in our culture, is evil itself!

How will we ever experiece true spiritual revival in our Churches unless those behind the pulpits first take the necessary stand against evil, that God has called you too do.  The Bible says not to take part in unfruitful works of darkness, but to rather expose them! So Pastor why are you not exposing the evil that is being done to the pre-born right down the street from your Church? 

We could bring up modern day slavery, and the sex trade in our nation, and both are equally as wicked in nature, but abortion is the main evil that needs to be addressed first. I pray the Pastors will begin too seek God on thier faces, and begin preaching and exposeing wickedness from thier pulpits, starting inside the Church to cleanse her of all evil, then to the outside where every injustice, and form of evil lives and thrives daily.

The silence of America' pulpits is why abortion is still legal, and 56 million plus children have been murdered, and flushed into the sewer systems across this country. If a dead baby meets a certain critera, there tissues are harvested from profit, and used in labs to develop new flavorings from our favorite soft-drink, or snack food (Pepsi-co).  So when I mention the pre-born being murdered for profit, I am NOT kidding, most of you have NO idea what is happening in this nation. The wickedness of our culture is astounding, and overwhelming once you realize what is happening. All the most reason we must engage the culture now, and do what we can too reach people with the Gospel.

Go to  

Review the site, learn whey the abolition movement is all about, see why we differ from the pro-life movement. We are Bible based, and Gospel Driven!  Pray and ask God to light a fire within your heart, and search the list for the nearest abolition society in your area, contact the director, join the movement!


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