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Fri, Mar 28 2014 - 03:24 AM

Breaking Down The Walls

     The power of God's great love for us transcends beyond any wall we may attempt to put up.  But it is up to us if we choose to break those dividing walls or not. We have the power in Jesus' name to break through the walls of division and hatred.


     What is holding His manifest presence from us?  He loves his bride so very much, and desires to be more intimate with her, but we are afraid to let or allow Him to love us. We put up our guard.  Maybe you have experienced the pain of lost love in your life. The hurt and the rejection. So, we put up our defenses and dont even let The Fahter touch us with His great love.


God desires us to break the walls to get to Him. He can love us beyond measure, but He desires us to come to Him. I believe His Spirit woo's us beckons and calls to us to come away with the groom to get your self ready for that great marriage.


The greatest walls around us is the walls with other people in the body of Christ. He wants us to extend our hearts to our brothers and sisters in Christ.


But you say you been hurt by the church and you do not want to go back.  I would  encourage you to be brave, with the courage of a lion....Dont shrink back in fear for you are just as much as important than anyone in the body. For we have many parts but are of the same body! I challenge to rise above your hurts and find that healing once again. That may entail the Holy Spirit leading you back to a church you left. You have carried that yoke of guilt for too long. Get back where you need to go. Your heart can be mended, but you must be  yielded and surrendered to God. 


Father, I pray for those who have walls up, those dividing walls that separates us from the love of God through the body of Christ.


By the power of the Holy Ghost, I break my walls down as fierce as a lion. I now take the steps of the lion in going back into the body of Christ. Forgive me for putting up those dividing walls. I am the one who needs to remove them. IN JESUS' NAME I remove them now. Let me experience the vastness of your love that I can share it with the body of believers! Help me do this in grace and truth, AMEN!



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praizeop2 - 4 years ago

Rich, thank you for this enouraging post. I pray that it will touch many. So often we are hurt by someone at church and WE drop out. That is just when we need to be STRONG! Be the bigger one and let THEM drop out! lol... Well, pray for them, but don't let others influence OUR walk with the Lord.

I look forward to ready many future posts from you. Blessings ~ Sarah

ASCombs - 4 years ago

Amen! Great post. Your statement, "The greatest walls around us is the walls with other people in the body of Christ. He wants us to extend our hearts to our brothers and sisters in Christ." reminds me of a statement I recently read concerning lost people who don't go to church. They will go because the know a Christian whose life reflects the joy of knowing the Lord or they aren't interested in going because they know one headed the wrong direction. I pray that all of us at Praize will be in the first category and draw men to Christ.

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