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Thu, Mar 06 2014 - 08:23 AM

Tips for Travelling in Boston with Ease


We all know Boston is the largest city and capital of the state of Massachusetts in USA. It is also one of the oldest city in the country. Today the city is known worldwide for its renowned universities and technological research centers. For visitors Boston has much more to offer than just universities and Irish pubs. The city is rich in history and beautiful parks and green areas.


In this Boston tourist guide you will find all the information you need to enjoy your trip, from what you should see in Boston, how to get there or where to shop?








 Geography and climate:

Boston is spread over an area of 89.62 miles. In which it covers only 482 miles of land and remaining is of water. In spring, it is warm and sometimes rainy but in summers it becomes hot and humid where as in autumn the city receives icy winds and in winters, there is occasional snowfall. The temperature in Boston may fall to -6 ° C in winter and in Summer temperature can rise up to 28° C.


Places to visit while in Boston:

Freedom Trail:



It is a 2.5 mile long red path starting from Boston Common to USS Constitution which is mostly made of bricks which will take you to 16 significant historic sites and important places in Boston.






  Faneuil Hall Marketplace:

It is known Boston's central meeting place, which offers and residents a great variety of shops, restaurants and outdoor entertainment. Annually more than 18 million visitors come here.







Many big universities are situated in Boston. Harvard university, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are worth visiting.







Boston Common:

It is the starting point of the Freedom Trail and the oldest park in the country with area of almost 50 acres. Many historic events are related to it like hanging of witchcrafts, protests against the Vietnam War and several memorable concerts.

Fenway Park: