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Sun, Dec 08 2013 - 06:40 AM

Your End Will See You Through

Ecclesiasties 7:8  Better is the end of a thing , than the beginning thereof......... Have you ever heard someone years ago ,  [for example] Learning to play an instrument , Sing or beginning anything for that matter ?  Hard on the ears or if your learning carpentry the building might look a little lopsided.  Then years later they became fine musicians or whatever.  The end was better than the beginning.  In todays world we need some thing to place our hope in [ of course our salvation] but I mean something physical. Joseph in the bible was another one who had a dream of being in a ruler ship position and after some prison years later God jockeyed him into that position.  Even Jesus Christ for the joy that was set before him , endured the cross! See Hebrews 12:3 . Proverbs 29:18 States: Where there is no vision , the people perish. We must have something to put our hope in and work on while we pass through this life, to give us meaning , whether its raising a child or being a good Grandparent or a hundred other things. The vision is looking from the beginning and seeing the beauty of the end. The small beginnings lead to big endings. Always keep your end in focus and it will see you through as you keep your eyes on your Lord. God bless you on your journey

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About: Bobby Smith, singer songwriter and self taught pianist , was influenced in his early life by the sounds of Jerry lee Lewis, Jimmy Swaggart and Mickey Gilley. Bobby was sitting in church one evening and a visiting piano player named Jack Harris dropped by. When he graced the old upright piano , it came to life with his gospel rhythm and blues style. Bobby was moved so much, he asked God to give him the gift of playing piano. Soon Bobby was teaching himself to play piano. When I grew up says Bobby , the pastors thought I was playing rock and roll and usually asked him to leave. Bobby took a short detour and formed a band and started playing night clubs for a short stint , but felt the call to get back to gospel music. Bobby writes songs that he believes is relevant to the times we live in such as "If We Ever Need Revival We Sure Do Need It Today" He also takes scripture and puts music to it or dramatizes it. For example his Single "Song Of Solomon" is so dramatic you can actually feel the romance King Solomon had for his beloved. Over the years his style has developed into gospel rhythm and blues to contemporary Christian or other styles as well. His Single "Thoughts From The Garden" is as though you are actually in the garden with Christ. Bobby's desire is for his songs to touch peoples lives in a positive way !

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