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Mon, Oct 07 2013 - 10:37 AM

Faith;Does it Have Relativity for Today ?


Thu, Oct 05 2013 - 11:43 AM

Faith and Relativity to Today

Faith; Does it have Relativity for Today?

How often have you walked up to someone and ask do you believe in Jesus? Then when they say yes, you walk away feeling foolish like you were a failure in that instance. How do you relate Jesus the person to people in the sense of what he as our Savior really is? They talk about like he is a character from a well known book.

He alone is the answer to our Global problems.We must learn how to approach him not as an idol on a shelf but a person that is real. I looked up the definitions given for faith in the heavenly sense but they are given mostly in the secular sense relating to the spiritual by a connection to the religious.

Here is the place that we must learn where our faith is and what He is in. Is faith something that we relate to some point or thing in the world? First step we must learn that Faith is a personage that is defined in the Grace and power of Jesus. We must learn that as we read God's word the power of faith grows as we allow the annoiting of the Holy Spirit to encompass our minds in the places we have read. Remember faith can only come to life in an open and yielded vessel. We of course supply that vessel fully yielded to him.

Do you remember Peter and John going to the temple in the hour of prayer and who they met there ? The Blind man was aware of their interest and ask for alms but the reply of the Apostles was and is well known. They replied with ''SILVER AND GOLD HAVE WE NONE" but what we have we give you in the name of Jesus rise and walk. One thing should be very evident from this and that is you need to be very convinced of your faith.

The man walked and then ran from there telling all----That friends is making the Gospel relative through some yielded vessels.

I have been called to the home of a family where a member has been literally decimated with cancer and that member was in their early teens.I watched the young person scream in horror from the pain and the revelation coming to him that heaven would not be his home. I prayed any way as hard as I could for both him and the family and cried on my way home because the family had asked to do the final service for him.

I been in homes where the air was foul from the disease of cancer and parts of the body were eaten away by the disease. Yet when you walked into that home you became aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit  and the expectancy of the move through the Spirit upon the sick one. I used the word expectancy because this had gone beyond faith and assurance through the Spirit of God that he had met their need.

Our greatest need as the body of Christ is to develop a conversational mentality to reach the world with a real Jesus that mets the needs of his people. That makes Amos3;3, very important.  Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?

That verse makes undeniable the idea that faith(expectancy) can't be there, unless the walk with the Lord is there.Think about  Enoch the writer of the book of Genesis wrote that he walked and talked with God and was not because God took him. Look carefully through Hebrews 11 and checkout each person listed there and what  their lives were noted for. Can you accept that this same God is available for you?

We"ll continue with the person of faith can change your enviroment on need?







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moomoosbuddy - 5 years ago

Salutations brother.

I ask people if they put faith into action.

When we read Gods word He speaks to us.

Do we listen and obey?

Faith is an action word. It is not that we have faith that Jesus will take care of the problem but that He will provide the tools nessesary to obey what he has directed us to do.

For example when I completed my TESOL course and asked Jesus where He wanted me to go, the answer was to a specific place in China. I thought He was crazy at the time but took a big step of faith and went. When I first arrived at the school and they discovered I was a Christian nobody wanted to talk with me. After about a month of seeing I was not a Bible thumper they slowly came to me and began to ask questions. Soon it was all the teachers flooding me with constant questions. Jesus sent me there to plant the seeds.

If I did not take action in my faith in where Jesus was leading me they would never have heard about Jesus (it was in a small poor villiage that was like stepping back four hundred years).

God bless you with wisdom, grace and meekness.

Your brother in Christ

m7th - 5 years ago

forgot this---remember--Isa.55:11

m7th - 5 years ago

Sarah never accept guilt for what you couldn't do but PTL for that, that did happen, even if you never saw the results.

praizeop2 - 5 years ago

As a chaplain, I have prayed for people in hospitals on occasion. But I had to give it up because, as I rebuked the demons of the illness, all hell would break loose. I could have been successful, had I been allowed to continue. :) God bless ~ Sarah