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Sat, Oct 05 2013 - 09:40 AM

There is Liberty in the Seventh Day.

There are several lessons about the seventh day Sabbath.

My aim here is not to go into details about the Sabbath. I

will not even give a scripture reference about it but will say

that the Sabbath under Grace is a day of liberty just like any

other day of the week.


That is the liberty that I have by faith. My faith has brought

me into God's rest. I have ceased from my labours to rest

on a particular day of the week to please God. I have been

blessed to find rest on any day which I choose by my faith

to make a day of rest. My faith in doing so cannot be judged

by anyone justly because I have received that kind of faith

from my God and not from man.


I am not at liberty to judge another child of God concerning

the measure of faith that he or she has for keeping a day of

rest unto the Lord. The seventh day (Saturday or part of

Friday and part of Saturday) is just as holy as any other day.

God's grace has made each day the same as far as liberty is

concerned for a day of rest.


My faith has conquered the bondage of a day of rest by

surrendering to the liberty that is mine. I will not sell my

liberty to Satan. Any man or denomination who resists the

liberty of the seventh day and uses it to take away the

liberty of the other days of the week as holy for rest are

going against sound faith.


Within Grace the day is not holy just by itself but by my

faith. I have to count the day as being holy whenever

I want to rest in that day. My faith will make the day

holy FOR ME, not for you. You have to make your day

holy for rest by your faith. That means the seventh day,

within Grace, is not holy because it is the seventh day,

but rather, it must be counted holy by your faith and then

it becomes holy for you.


Live by the liberty of your faith, in love, and do not be led

into bondage through the letter of the Law.


If you think this is error and that I am a false prophet then

let it be so. I stand before the Lord who alone is my Judge.


Oh, I wrote (laboured) on this article today (Saturday).


With Love and Peace to you.




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