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Thu, Oct 03 2013 - 11:43 AM

Faith and Relativity to Today

                            Faith;  Does it have Relativity for Today?

How often have you walked up to someone and ask do you believe in Jesus? Then when they say yes, you walk away feeling foolish like you were a failure in that instance.   How do you relate Jesus the person to people in the sense of what he as our Savior really  is? They talk about like he is a character from a well known book.

He alone is the answer to our Global problems.We must learn how to approach him not as an idol on a shelf but a  person that is real. I looked up the definitions given for faith in the heavenly sense but they are given mostly in the secular sense relating to the spiritual by a connection to the religious.

Here is the place that we must learn where our faith is and what He is in. Is faith something  that we relate to some point or thing in the world? First step we must learn that Faith is a personage that is defined in the Grace and power of Jesus.  We must learn that as we read God's word the power of faith grows as we allow the annoiting of the Holy Spirit to encompass our minds in the places we have read. Remember faith can only come to life in  an open and yielded vessel.  We of course supply that vessel fully yielded to him.

Do you remember Peter and John going to the temple in the hour of prayer and  who they met there ? The Blind man was aware of their and ask for alms but the reply of the Apostles was and is well known. They replied with ''SILVER AND GOLD HAVE WE NONE" but what we have we give you in the name of Jesus rise and walk.

The man walked and then ran from there telling all----That friends is making the Gospel relative through some yielded vessels.



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gloriousdays - 5 years ago

Hi m7th:
Many people have faith in someone, something, or in their own capabilities and no faith in Jesus. Faith in Jesus meets with a lot of resistance. The natural man (or woman) thinks that faith in Jesus is foolishness. All spiritual people who have faith in Jesus are therefore fools. Those fools have said in their hearts that there is a God and that He came in the flesh to save them. Call their FAITH the fool's faith.

God bless you and your family.

Abdool ( Fool for Jesus).

m7th - 5 years ago

I believe a men's trio called the Booth Bro. have recorded a song about the healing that occurred at one time in Jerusalem with one phrase in pertinent to this"ASK THE BLINDMAN HE SAW IT ALL"

praizeop2 - 5 years ago

Thank you for posting, m7th. During this last move (have you been reading my Spotlight?) my faith was developed greatly. One cannot look on experiences as negative when they build faith. Blessings ~ Sarah