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Wed, Sep 25 2013 - 11:54 AM


‎09/‎25/‎2013--1:34:00 PM
                                                    GETTING  READY  FOR THE COMING

I went by a church that at its highest moments was very important to my youth. Out front was a very large realty sign announcing the sale of the property. My first thoughts were a church had died .  I went through all kinds of feelings and guilt wondering how much more I could have done and realized there  was very little.  It would  have taken a body in unity in prayer coming to the throne of Grace to save it .
It is possible to write a lot of condemning words but it is better to leave the location in the hands of the Lord. There will be an accounting for that church and what it represented. There was a lot accomplished there in its time.
There is a Spirit of hate and lethargy that is in the land now and it is going to take a shaking of the trees to see how much good fruit remains. What I am saying  you had better spend time  praying making sure your roots are securely planted in the king dom before he comes.
I have thought about what it is going to take to be ready for his appearing;  the book of 1st John says we'll be like him when he comes and that means spending time in his presence.  Before I got married I spent a lot of time in her presence so that I would know her  and she could know me. Knowledge and closeness is the beginning of intimate knowlege in a relationship.  A prayer closet would be great because there you might find the love that was written of in  Solomon's book. Learn the sound of his voice by reading his word constantly; I have often used this illustration because of it's truth,my wife in the early days would write notes to me and put them in my lunch box or briefcase depending on what Iwas doing that day. I learned that as Iread them I could hear her voice speaking the words.  Let the Holy Spirit have time as you read to bring the voice of the Lord into his word as you read.
When you go  if you have spent time in the  presence of the Lord you know will him and what he will do in each situation you face.  He,the Lord will bring directions from the word you should have incorporated in your prayer and study time in him.
If you take time with the Lord you will never become an empty shell like the church I  mentioned  with the real estate sign in front.




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praizeop - 5 years ago

That's a good word, my brother. It reminds me to Choose this day whom I will serve - myself or my Lord. It is easy to forget that my old self is actually dead being crucified with Christ and since I was in Christ, He made me a new creation and my old nature passed away/died. Thanks for the encouragement to put Hum first.