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Sat, Sep 14 2013 - 06:13 AM

Immeasurably More

"Now to HIM who is ABLE to do IMMEASURABLY MORE than all we ASK or IMAGINE, according to His POWER that is at work WITHIN US..." Ephesians 3:20 NIV

    This passage of scripture should get you VERY excited! The promise of this scripture is not that you will have just enough, or you will barely be getting by in your walk with Christ. The promise is not that you are going to be suffering all your life, and you just have to grin and bear it. The promise is that GOD CAN DO IMMEASURABLY MORE! MORE than you ask or think! MORE than you want! MORE than you have right now! God can do it all!

  The Church has not fully believed this Promise, and claimed it. Most people in the Body of Christ are suffering immensely, because they do not understand or believe this Promise. God IS ABLE! It doesn't say He kinda is, or sorta is, or maybe He is! HE IS ABLE, PERIOD!! So if He is able, why am I letting my problems wear me out, and drain me, and worry me practically to death, so that all the life is zapped right out of me?!! This is the question we need to be asking ourselves. God ALWAYS answers prayer! God is ALWAYS working in our lives! God ALWAYS has a plan. So we must not doubt God. It is never Jesus who is lacking, or not doing what He is supposed to be doing- IT IS US!!!! God is faithful; WE ARE THE ONES WITH THE IDOLATROUS HEARTS, who imagine vain things! Even if you love the Lord with all your heart, if your Faith walk is not right, then in your mind you still imagine vain things. YOU MUST FOREVER SETTLE IN YOUR MIND THAT YOU ARE VICTORIOUS IN GOD RIGHT NOW!! Not maybe one day you'll be victorious, or hopefully you will be victorious, but RIGHT NOW YOU ARE VICTORIOUS!! Without Faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God(Hebrews).Therefore, you must commit to BELIEVING THE PROMISES OF GOD; really believing in your heart and mind, not just being able to quote what they say! I encourage you to let your faith be increased! Ask Jesus about the areas in your life where you have not believed His promises. Ask God to forgive you for basically calling Him a liar-which is what we do when we choose not to claim a promise of His as true for us. Make a new committment to God, and let Him grow your faith. You must be willing- for only if you are willing, can Jesus really grow your faith for you. I am so tired of seeing the Body of Christ suffering, simply because they do not believe the Promises that God has promised us in the Bible. Decide that you are not going to let satan deceive you anymore- claim and believe God's promises today; EVEN THE ONES THAT SEEM HARD TO BELIEVE!! I hope this has helped you. Remember- HE IS ABLE TO DO IMMEASURABLY MORE!!!! God bless you.

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