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Mon, Sep 09 2013 - 01:17 PM


Psa 34:15-22


How would you feel if you were sitting in a cardioligist's office and he looked at you and said the only chance you have to live is a transplant? This means another person has to die for you to live.

I went through this in late 1997 after a major coronary problem and through nothing I did but through the prayers of many others the Lord did the transplant.

I know I have written about this many times before now but I know someone needs a word that healing occurs and believe me if you can believe it is real.

The Grace of the Lord is real and if you can only take God's covenant to you as truth you can receive every word he has for you. 

Ihave experienced God's word to us when we were failing,physically, financially or about to loss that we couldn't bear but you know what  The Lord was always there.

God's name means He is always there when you need him and he is never late. Iremember laying i in the hospital and it was late but my wife was still there and my my blood pressure was almost non existant when the doctors came in and took my wife out to tell her I probably wouldn't make it through the night. She came back and had been crying and I got up and held her a moment and kissed her on the side of face and said GNITE. I HOLLERED TO HER TO HER AS SHE WENT DOWN THE HALL I WOULD CALL IN THE MORNING!!

The next morning at 7;30 I called and my daughter answered and she couldn't speak and ran to get her mother and she came back,said HELLO! I said i love you and ask what time she would be there that afternoon.

You  know what things happen when my WIFE prays, SHE HAS SEEN GOD'GRACE FOR REAL!!!!!!




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revsuz - 5 years ago

Praise God for your healing, m7th. You are a blessing to us. Praise God for praying, believing spouses too.