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Sat, Jun 29 2013 - 04:51 PM

It seems as if it could never end...

Day to day life in America seems to just go on about me as if it could never end or change..but it has changed dramatically over the last couple of decades and it could end.  Recently, I have been amazed when a few intelligent people who are politically savy and serve prominently as elected officials have revealed to me that their fears are similar to mine. 

What do I fear?  I fear that my grandchildren may grow to adulthood under a Communist government. Freedom will not be an American commodity. We have lost so much recently and we are losing it on a seemingly scheduled basis.  Just a little less here, just a bit of a nudge here...for our safety, for the children, for the sake of fairness, just to make life simpler for the masses.  You know...nothing to worry about, nothing to fear, nothing you will miss.  Until it is all gone and our progeny will have to fight to get it back and we will say we are so sorry we did not pay attention soon enough.

Are we all nutcases?

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jeanne53 - 5 years ago

Sarah, if good, ethical, loving, strong patriots do not have children and rear them well, then America and the dream of liberty is over. Already we are not producing enough children to replace ourselves. The population all over the world is declining, but Islam seems to be growing in leaps and bounds in all countries in which they have immigrated. Large families, multiple wives....they are going to eventually overwhelm the natives of their adopted countries, because those natives are not having children.

It may be daunting to bring children into a world in turmoil, but to no do so allows the world to change into a global caliphate, which is the goal of extremist Islam. I don't know...I envy you the "knowing" of end time prophecy. Hugs.

jeanne53 - 5 years ago

Hi Jim! Thank you for commenting and for caring about me. Hugs to Deb. Keep up the work you do for as long as you can. I have a lot of respect for you, dear man.

jeanne53 - 5 years ago

Revsuz, it seems as if it is Washington DC against the rest of America, lately. Since I will not be among the raptured, (sorry if that is the wrong term) I will have to live with what this administration has done to "fundamentally transform" the country. Not funding Obamacare is the last, last, last chance to stop the death of America. But...I believe it is a dream that can and will come again. It is keeping the Republic that seems to be the trouble and it cannot be kept by an apathetic and immoral citizenry, who prefer to live off the state instead of being responsible for themselves and their family.

I chose some time ago to stand with those patriots who stand with the God of Christianity and the Constitution and Bill of Rights. There are many Conservative Atheists who would stand with me, knowing we are not included except as good, moral people who are patriots....who are deemed to be possibly bound for hell. :)

jeanne53 - 5 years ago

Thanks all for your comments. I had forgotten I had added this post to my blog and so am only now reading your comments. Not a very good blog upkeep.... Since the Equal Access Act passed in 1984 public schools have had to either allow for inclusion of all religions and atheist groups or none. I think many have opted for none to keep it all simple. Here in my neck of the woods the public schools are openly Christian, but still hostile toward atheists and other religions, as well as, deliberate avoidance of evolution studies in science and even slight mentions of natural selection and Darwin in world history. I would prefer that public schools keep to education and that children get their religion or lack of religion from family and church, synagogue, temple, coven and mosque.

We have Tea Party groups here, but the Eastern Shore of Maryland is incapable of producing change at the state level and fails to put up viable candidates at the local level who can promote Conservative values and American Tradition based on Constitutional Principles.

Roundtable, for what it is worth, I support the right of children and teachers to take their Bible to school or workplace and read it privately, as long as the reading of it does not interfere with class studies or work and, as long as they do not read it to a captive audience. Bible study clubs are okay with me, but the schools must also allow atheists to have clubs, too...and Wiccans and Satanists and Muslims and Hindus. I would, also, not permit the bible clubs to openly pray for non-Christian kids at the school. In our area the Christians are allowed full reign, while any student who complains or resists or is offended by a teacher or student pushing Christian beliefs and/or the Bible is made to feel an outsider to the school.

I will always feel it is better to NOT have any religion overtly represented in public schools.

roundtable - 5 years ago

The time to take a stand is now; while you still have access to lawyers and libraries and information. They have already taken away your right to bring your Bible to school in some places as well as prohibiting Christmas carols. In Stalinist Soviet Union the brush communists painted their opponents with was: "counter-revolutionary" and "bourgeoisie". In our culture the words they use are "homophobic" and "sexist" as well as "anti-choice". These terms are all meant to provoke hatred towards the Bible and towards Christians. Nowadays however, almost all left wing views are called Socialist. Whether they are legitimate socialists or raving Communists, you can't immediately tell, because they all call themselves "Socialists".
Tennessee has done the best in standing up to this kind of attack. You should take a page out of their book. Organize political community groups that focus on protecting your Constitutional rights as a Christian. You will need more than one meeting a year. Your opponents are spending millions of dollars and have numerous groups and meetings all year. You have to be persistent. You don't need a big budget, just the willingness to follow the Bible. Don't try to fight fire with fire. Fight fire with water. Learn the right etiquette from Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Paul and Peter's letters. "Reprove, rebuke, edify and exhort" while you still can. When you criticize excess in behavior, a favorite quote the politically correct like to use is "judge not". Learn what the word "judge" (krimati) means in the New Testament. Don't leave it to anti-Christians to define what's in the Bible. Because when you have your public rallies like "Chick-Fil-A Day" you can be sure your opponents will be ready to strike back and do everything they can to confuse you.
Good luck in your defence of the Bible and may God Bless you for caring.

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